Residential Diversion

Father And Teenage Son Having A HugTo provide a cohesive intensive treatment program designed to bring healing, change and stability within an individual’s home environment, thereby diverting a likely long-term placement in a residential facility and reducing the ongoing treatment needs upon return to home and community. Strategies for intervention and facilitating progress will be created based on both individual and family needs and will be incorporated into a monthly progress review that will serve as the family’s guide to change.

Simulating a residential program within a client’s home and community is not only fiscally responsible, but will significantly decrease the rate of recidivism resulting from the removal and treatment of an individual prior to returning him/her to an unchanged home environment. Additionally, the availability of this program allows for the opportunity to re-evaluate costly out-of-home placements and return an individual to his/her home and community while maintaining intensive therapeutic services at a lower cost.

  • Course of Treatment: 
Three Stages of Treatment:
Stage One:
  • Initial Treatment: Crisis Response and Home Stability
  • Stage Two: Home Stability and Implementation of Therapeutic Plan
  • Stage Three: Transition Planning

Who is Eligible:

  • A client who residential placement is imminent; the recommendation has been made and a program search is pending or underway.
  • Parent(s) are committed to participation.
  • A client is transitioning home from a residential setting OR is being discharged prior to completion of a residential program.
  • Less intensive forms of clinical care have failed to produce a successful outcome.

We accept Medicaid, self-pay and CSA funding. To initiate services or get additional information please contact Dawn Chillon, Executive Director, at (804) 901-7911 or click here to complete the form.