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Welcome to the Attachment and Trauma Institute, a place where children, adults and families have come to find proven effective solutions and counseling support.

We specialize in understanding the impact of stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, family conflicts and severe behavioral challenges.  Surviving a traumatic experience will leave a lifelong impression but it does not have to set your future on a course of brokenness and shame.

The counseling support we provide can interrupt dysfunctional patterns you may have been living in for years and can bring the healing that is necessary for healthy lasting change to occur.

With over 20 years of experience with proven effective outcomes, the Attachment and Trauma Institute has provided quality counseling services to help parents lead their families on a journey of healing the wounds of complex trauma and adults to find the freedom and help they are longing for.

Past painful traumatic experiences do not need to turn into lifelong problems.

Our Services

Intensive In Home Services

Are your child’s behaviors putting them at risk of out of home placement? Are you struggling to maintain the peace in your home? Do you want someone that just understands and can help? Click the image to learn more.

Mental Health Skills Building

Are you an adult or caregiver of an adult that struggles with gaining independence due to a mental illness? Do you or a loved one need help to build the skills to become independent? Do you or a loved one want to find the new normal after a mental illness diagnosis? Click the image to learn more.

Individual and Family Counseling

Looking to become your best self? Looking to restore family relationships? Need someone to talk to? Click the image to learn more.

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

Therapeutic Supervised is designed to provide a protected visitation and a therapeutic intervention between children and the non-custodial parent.

Virtual Residential Program

Are you trying to keep your child in home and out of a residential treatment center? Do you fear for the safety of your child or others because of your child’s behavior? Click the image to learn more.

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This is where healing begins. To initiate services or get additional information, please contact us.

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