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 Intensive In Home

Intensive In-Home (IIH) is a trauma-informed program designed to wrap-around a child and their family in crisis to bring stability and maintain the child in the home environment.  This program is a stabilization and preventative service focused on children or adolescents who are at –risk to be removed from their home environment. Counseling services are provide by counselors trained in understanding trauma, common behaviors following traumatic events, and effective treatment strategies for improvement of disruptive to severe behaviors.

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 Mental Health Skills Building

Mental Health Skill-building Services (MHSS) is an intensive, home-based service that is designed to assist an individual in obtaining independence or stability within the community. The program is available to older adolescents and adults who have long term mental health needs, cognitive deficiencies or dual diagnoses. Counseling services are provide by counselors who are trained in understanding trauma and effective treatment strategies.

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 Professional Development & Training

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 Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

Therapeutic Supervised is designed to provide a protected visitation and a therapeutic intervention between children and the non-custodial parent so that the child benefits as much as possible from the contact. The service also assist children and their families in maintaining or reestablishing relationships that are healthy and safe for the child. This service can also assist children in the transition to different family structures, while providing for the safety of the child. Lastly the services provide custody evaluators and treatment professionals with supplemental information for visitation and treatment planning.

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Residential Diversion

To provide a cohesive intensive treatment program designed to bring healing, change and stability within an individual’s home environment, thereby diverting a likely long-term placement in a residential facility and reducing the ongoing treatment needs upon return to home and community. Strategies for intervention and facilitating progress will be created based on both individual and family needs and will be incorporated into a monthly progress review that will serve as the family’s guide to change.

Simulating a residential program within a Childs home and community is not only fiscally responsible, but will significantly decrease the rate of recidivism resulting from the removal and treatment of an individual prior to returning him/her to an unchanged home environment. Additionally, the availability of this program allows for the opportunity to re-evaluate costly out-of-home placements and return an individual to his/her home and community while maintaining intensive therapeutic services at a lower cost.

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Trauma Informed Therapeutic Day Treatment

The ATI Trauma Informed Therapeutic Day Treatment Service is a clinical treatment program for children and adolescents who are exhibiting ongoing behavioral and emotional difficulties in the home, community or school settings that put them at risk for requiring more intensive, out of school placements. ATI’s Trauma Informed Therapeutic Day Treatment Service is a combination of therapeutic interventions combined with evaluation, medication education and management, opportunities to learn and use daily skills to enhance social and interpersonal skills and individual, group, family psychotherapy offered during the school year in the school setting and during the summer months.

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