Meet Our Team


Dawn Chillon, Ph.D, LPC : Executive Director

Dawn Chillon, Ph.D, LPC

Executive Director

Dawn is a nationally recognized trauma specialist in the treatment of children with severe behaviors with over fifteen years in the counseling field. Her expertise in early childhood trauma, survival behavioral patterning in adolescents and attachment repair in foster and adopted children has made her a sought after conference speaker to both state and private agencies. She is the Founder ofThe Attachment and Trauma Institute and The Foundation for Family Healing. The Attachment and Trauma Institute provides Specialized Attachment Assessments, Out-patient Counseling, Intensive In Home Counseling, and trainings to schools, state and non-profit organizations. The Foundation for Family Healing is dedicated to providing national training, education, lectures and two day workshops to both parents and professionals nationally on the impact of trauma. These trainings have proven to improve disruption rates of children in care leading to permanency within the family unit through a given understanding of the impact of trauma, effective intervention strategies, permanency planning and reform strategies.

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Rosa Torres : Human Resource Manager

Rosa Torres

Human Resource Manager

Rosa Torres brought thirty years of business administration and leadership within the counseling field when she joined the management team at Attachment and Trauma Institute in its inception in 2007.  Her attention to details, business systems, employee relations and overall leadership excellence supported ATI during its initial years over a decade ago and continues today.  After serving as the Quality Assurance Manager for five years, Rosa transitioned to the Human Resource Manager where her direct support of Directors, Management and Employees continues to prove to be an essential source of strength to ATI.  

Effective leadership involves both business skills and an innate sense of connection with and to every employee.  Rosa brings a high commitment to integrity and quality in business management that is remarkable.  She has worked diligently to establish and implement policies that have contributed to ATI’s standard of excellence in provision of clinical Services in central Virginia.  Her communication skills and contributions in overall program management as well as agency development have served as a continued strength to the work of ATI and in our planning growing forward and we are grateful to have her as an essential part of our leadership team. 

Rosa enjoys helping people, spending time with her husband and her 2 dogs, going to church and visiting her grandchildren. 

Corin Kudisch : Quality Assurance Manager

Corin Kudisch

Quality Assurance Manager

Corin graduated from Southeastern University with a Bachelor of Arts in Missional Ministries. She is a dynamic administrative professional well known for her attention to detail, leadership, and organization. She has 10 years of administrative experience with 7 years of upper level management experience in the fields of event planning and higher education. She has expertise in building highly effective and connected teams by focusing on team building and group exercises. She has built teams from the ground up growing them from small groups to large teams of over 70. She is eager to work in the field of mental health and support those who do such a vital job for the community.  For fun Corin enjoys boating, fishing and going to the beach with her husband and two dogs.